Hamster Jesus

Hamster Jesus

SuperHero Alert (& What’s the deal with Hamster Jesus?):

Some years ago, an illustrator I know created a comic that featured Hamster Jesus amongst a cast of various other enlightened creatures. It was hilarious and SO naughty. I LOVED it! It flew in the face of traditional thought while tossing arrows directly into the truth of it all. I am a big fan of anything that stretches my brain into uncomfortable contortions while filling it up with nuggets of what’s real. It was not for the feint of heart this comic, but it whispered inspiration for my freaky nature. Thus began the “outing” of the Sacreluscious.

And so this Hamster Jesus took up residence in the SacreLUSH Land of my Heart. And pretty soon, he morphed into my Soul’s deliciously reverent version of him and leapt nimbly into the official patron sainthood of The Sacreluscious Tour & it’s resident SuperHero.


Who doesn’t love a hamster?! I mean, just look at ‘em .. they are sunny and industrious and furry balls of cuteness! But I digress. That is not why Jesus has embodied this little being on the Sacreluscious Tour.

Hamster Medicine is all about community. Sisterhood. Brotherhood. Tribe. Hamster reminds us that opportunities for badassedness are always in front of us. We just need to pluck them up and rock em. Hamster helps us blow our spiritual nature wide open into vistas of ever increasing bodaciousness. We just need to choose it. Word. Hamster Medicine is about healing. Activating the healer within each of us. We have all that we need to be whole.

All this packaged up in a dynamo of FABulous!


I’m a Jesus groupie. He was a kick ass enlightened guy. And he & I have had some amazing conversations. I consider him one of my biggest fans & consorts. He has a tremendous sense of humor; although, he is not thrilled with all the depictions & worship of his death. He tells me that it was NOT the highlight of his Life. He lived to teach Love ~ the expansive kind that exceeds the human condition. His Life vibe ~ THAT was his highlight. His crucifixion? It sucked.

Jesus rocks the mic with: Love is always the answer, people. True dat, Jesus, true dat.

And there you have it. The gospel according to Hamster Jesus & the Sacreluscious:

Hamster Jesus Sacreluscious = 5 bazillion kinds of rockSTAR AWEsomization!

SuperHero HJ


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